Our Product

With a commitment to sustainability, we use premium soy wax and eco-friendly wicks, ensuring a clean burn and minimal environmental impact.

Hand cut and polished for perfection. These candles are carefully curated and hand-poured, these candles exude the essence of elegance and revelry, capturing the spirit of London's nightlife in every fragrance. 

Candle Scents
Rose Allure 
Experience the essence of celebration with our refined candle scent. It combines the allure of light rose, reminiscent of champagne and luxury, in a subtle and classy fragrance. Light this candle to create memorable moments and cherish the beauty of special occasions.

Strength & Success
Experience the essence of strength and character with our leather and bourbon candle. Inspired by London's prestigious wine bars, it combines the refined aroma of aged leather with the warmth of bourbon. Light this candle to evoke the spirit of success and sophistication, reminiscent of celebrated moments in life and business.

Lumiere de Champagne candles are packaged to reflect a sense of refined simplicity and quality. Each candle is carefully wrapped in black tissue paper and then placed inside a high-quality matte black box featuring our black logo branding, finished with a black and grey branded ribbon.

Event Styling
Our candles are more than just candles; they're a celebration of life's memorable moments. Crafted from repurposed Champagne bottles that have danced through London's legendary nightclubs and graced Australia's finest restaurants and parties, each Lumiere de Champagne candle carries a unique story of revelry and joy. Now, you can bring a piece of that excitement into your own celebrations.

Imagine adorning your event or wedding with these exquisite, eco-friendly candles, each one embodying the essence of a night well-lived. 

When you choose Lumiere de Champagne, you're choosing more than just a candle; you're choosing an experience, a memory, and a touch of luxury that will light up your event space.

Illuminate your surroundings with fun, celebration, and a commitment to sustainability.